Alexia Kompothekra

Founder and Director of Hellenic Language and Culture

“Learning a language should be an exciting, satisfying adventure, offering the learner the unparalleled opportunity to become immersed in a culture and its customs. My student-centered teaching methods, honed over 12 years and tailored to online learning, allow me to share my deep knowledge and love of the Greek language and culture with people all over the world.”


Alexia Kompothekra, founder and director of the Hellenic Language and Culture language learning program, has dedicated herself to the teaching of Modern and Ancient Greek to native and non-native speakers since 2007. Through her intensive studies, she has identified and developed teaching methods tailored to students’ ages, backgrounds, knowledge levels, cognitive development, emotional intelligence and learning challenges. Alexia’s professional expertise and years’ of experience enable her to create individualized lesson plans that best support each student’s learning style, helping them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Alexia is a warm, friendly and patient teacher who delights in her students’ success.

Academic Background

Alexia holds a BA in Greek language and history from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; a postgraduate diploma in special education and child psychology from the University of Thessaly; and a master's degree in educational psychology from Nicosia University. In addition, she received a certificate for the teaching of Modern Greek as a foreign/second language from the Greek Language Centre in Thessaloniki.

 Teaching approach

Alexia takes a student-centered, interactive teaching approach, with emphasis on speaking and listening skills. She uses concrete examples and real-life situations to help students understand how the Greek language works and how to apply it to their own experience.

Highly focused, attuned to students’ needs, and expert in a range of teaching strategies, Alexia can adjust her lessons as necessary to sustain a student’s progress. She also understands the importance of building a student’s linguistic self-confidence to enable him or her to take the thrilling leap into language fluency.

Well-organized and thorough, Alexia maintains the highest level of professionalism. She uses a variety of teaching materials, which she updates constantly. Her book, “Learn Greek: Advanced Grammar”, will be published soon.

Born and raised on the island of Kefalonia, Alexia has lived and worked in Athens and Thessaloniki and has traveled through Western Europe, the Balkans, Africa, South America and Asia. She enjoys art, crafts and photography and is an avid book collector and an animal lover.


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